Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 4

Have you ever read an article or a blog that doesn’t make any sense to you? Forget about grammar and spelling. Have you ever read an article that leads you to nowhere? I have, and I don’t want my blogs to be anywhere near that. Why? Simply because my audience (if ever I have one) deserves something better.

When I write blogs, I see to it that I have a certain concept in mind and I’m not just throwing out words. I wanted to make sure that my readers (if ever I have one) can take home some of the thoughts I’m sharing. I don’t want my articles to be a source of hatred, ill-feeling, and ugly misinterpretations. I want my blogs to have at least a positive impact to other people’s lives.

Surely, I talk a lot. But before I speak, I see to it that my thoughts are grounded by facts, not gossips, or at least it’s grounded by first-hand experience. I don’t want my readers to become shock absorbers. They don’t deserve reading rants and receiving those negative vibes. As much as possible, I write materials that gives out positivism.

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I want to be a creator. That includes creating concepts that serve people; something where they can learn, and as much a possible, help them produce another concept that can serve them better and others who are following them. Again, I’m a strong believer of Law of Attraction, that’s why I choose to write more about positive things than having negative outputs. I may be writing some things that may not look good at first, but then again, every bad situation leads to something better ( that’s just my personal belief 😛 )

Anyway, That’s it for today.

With love and respect,

Your Pen Guardian

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