Forgive me if I can’t apprehend
I see you’re trying to reach me
Got to tell you this, but I’m off the hook
Can’t be here, so I will no longer be here
Won’t go down like a lead balloon
I’ll take swift strides through this isle
Don’t follow me ‘coz I have resolved

It took time to strengthen my backbone
Now steadfast and proud
No longer your shadow ‘coz I’m stepping out
Stepping up for me, myself, and I
You’re no longer required
Not clinging anymore so get out and stay out

Don’t pull me back, this is my last call
Trembling at the sound of getting on my feet
I opt to take the fall than lose myself for you
No adherence to you
Now that’s what I’m talking about
So step back and walk away
Along with your mask of mendacity
It’s crystal that I’m better
In your absence I am healthier than ever

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