What’s Art Got To Do With It?

Summer’s coming up and weekdays are becoming boring. Usually I send and pick up my kid from school in the afternoon, but since the school year has ended, I have nothing left to do to fill in that abandoned schedule.

We were walking in a bookstore one day and I saw a sketchpad and oil pastels; I thought of doing something creative for this summer. I thought of teaching my kids how to draw like what my father did when me and my sisters were younger. So, I bought a sketchpad and 2 boxes of oil pastels to start up the creative activity I have in mind.

We arrived home and I opened the sketchpad and a box of oil pastels. Behold I was stuck in the so-called blank sheet syndrome.

“What am I going to draw? How am I gonna start?”

Then I felt nostalgic. I remember the time when a Fine Arts teacher once told me that I don’t how to draw. I don’t know how to paint. I was only 17 when he told me that and at that very moment, I felt insulted. I felt insulted maybe because I love to draw and it’s one of those fun-filled activities I used to share with my family. I felt insulted because usually, my high school teachers and friends would ask for my drawings (because they want to keep it) or my teachers tend to choose my works for exhibits, or something like that. So, yeah! I was butt hurt when I heard that from an “expert”. I swear I hated that guy.

But now that I’ve aged and it’s been 11 years since that incident happened, I thought to myself, “maybe he’s right”. I really don’t know how to draw or paint based on his context of art. His field of expertise is far from mine and I don’t really know where he’s coming from. And like I always tell myself, “You can’t hate what you don’t understand.”

Maybe he’s right based on the context of what he know as “ART” and I can’t take that against him. I have no idea what art is, except it’s a perfect way of expressing one’s self, just like what I do when I feel like doing it.

So maybe he’s right. But hey! Just because he’s right doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to paint or draw, yes?

With that thought at the back of my mind, I picked up one of the oil pastel sticks and started sketching, without really knowing what I wanted to draw. I ended up drawing a flower, but who cares? I don’t care. I really don’t mind what I drew. What’s important is I started doing what I planned to do for summer, and an “expert’s” opinion didn’t stop me from doing what I planned to do with my kids, just because he said I’m not good at it.

Who cares if I’m no expert, right? What’s important is I’ll have a good summer activity with my kids. And my kids think my drawings are cool, so I’m good. That’s the only opinion that matters to me.

Plus, that’s the lesson I want to teach my kids. No one can tell them what they can’t do if they really want to do something. No one can stop them from doing what they urge to do; not even an expert nor me. All of us are meant to do something GREAT! We are all born for greatness that only us are destined to do. God has already sketched in our hands all the potentialities; all we have to do is to explore and discover that one thing that’s especially meant for us. It all boils down to our life’s purpose and what we’re meant to do as designed by God.

Boy, my thoughts are getting deep.

‘Nough said! Let’s enjoy summer!

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What would you do?

What would you do if you’re torn between doing what’s right for you and doing what’s right for others?

What would you do if you’ve lived all your life trying to please other people, but at the end of the day, they’re still not happy and they’re expecting more from you?

What would you do if you have given up your dreams and your happiness but still they can’t see all your effort and they’re telling you, you haven’t given enough?

What would you do when you reach the point wherein you realize that the things going on in your life are the things that you don’t want to happen in your life and you want something else?

What would you do if you’re stuck all your life and there’s this one opportunity for you to change everything, but in return, you have to drop all the things that you’ve been believing all your life?

What would you do?