About the Blog

Since I’ll be writing a lot and I don’t have any specifications -which means I’ll write about anything and everything under the sun- I think it’s best to organize my materials to different categories. I think the readers will find it easier to look for what they wanted to read that way.

In this page, I’m going to do my best to describe each and every category so it will be easier for all of us. Don’t worry, I will keep it simple. Promise. 😉



This category contains my personal experiences. It’s more like a story of a certain event that has greatly affected me for that specific day. It may be fun, dramatic, informative… it all depends on what happened on that day. Thinking about  a Diary? This could probably be it.



Obviously they are made-up stories by me, however, those stories may be inspired by true stories, which includes but not limited to: events that are happening in my own life or events that I’m observing both inside and outside my circle. It’s a bit interesting for me to do this because it allows me to pile my creative juice; converting the bad things or the good things happening in a more creative way.



This part can happen in two ways:

a) This part can be Bible-based (sorry non-believers. It is what it is) wherein I get to write my thoughts about a certain passage that I came across that specific time or day. I’ll be writing my realizations or how the Bible verse affected me, and how it helped me grow as a person. In case there’s someone who’s going to argue with me about my faith or what I believe in, that person should better save his energy because I’m not here to argue. I’m just here to share a bit of my spiritual journey. No worry guys, I’m not a religious person either. I’m more into spiritual quest.

b) This part can also be a reflection of my light bulb moments. A part of me is a Christian, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to other Universal Laws existing [actually I don’t see anything contradicting with each other, so far]. I’ve been listening to a good number of people whose mindsets have greatly affected me, and still affecting me. I just wanted to share that part of me because who knows? Maybe my light bulb moment is going to be another person’s light bulb moment, right?



Aside from writing stories and blogs, I also love writing poems [and lyrics]. I’m thinking of sharing those as well. I know you guys don’t mind. 😉



This part is going to be anything and everything about Filipino culture. I’m sorry for those who can’t speak or understand the Filipino language. I admit this part is not for everyone because I’m highly dedicating this part to my people. I don’t wanna sound patriotic, but a part of me loves our country and our people no matter how much our government sucks. This part can be Taglish (combo of Tagalog and English) so I can express myself with a BANG.
I’m going to feature some Pinoy artists here as well, so you guys can expect videos from Youtube.com and I might give some commentaries about them. They say, you can only truly express yourself when you’re using your native language, so this is it!



I’m traveling once in a while, so I’ll also share my experiences on the road with my friends and my beloved people. Since I haven’t written anything about my previous travels, I’m also going to write about them, too. I might share some pictures as well so it will be easier for you to visualize the experience.



I love FOOD! It’s been my goal to tryout all the food I’ve never eaten before (except for the exotic foods, you can’t expect me to try those). Whether it’s street food or food from a high-class restaurant; I wanna try them ALL! And there’s no better way to share the experience than to write about it! (Sorry guys :P) I will do my best to share to you guys what I think are the best foods to try. Again, it’s just my opinion, so, what works for me may not work for y’all.



I highly dedicate this category to the MOMS out there. It’s never easy to be a mother, no one can contest that. In this category, I will share my experiences of motherhood which includes but not limited to: the joys of being a mom, how it is to be a single parent, how it is to be a working mom, the AHA moments of the kids, and stuff like that. I know there are a lot of moms out there who feel alone in their journey, and because of that, they are concentrating on the hardships of being a mom. In this category, I will do my best to ease that burden and be a blessing to each and every single moms out there. We will all focus on the beauty of the mothers out there who are dedicating their lives to their offspring. Salute to all the moms!



Who wouldn’t want to talk about money? We are all motivated by it, yes? So in this section, guess what… I’ll talk about M-O-N-E-Y. I may give tips on how to save money, how to budget wisely, tools in saving money, and anything and everything about it. I would love to do this as an expression of my career. 😉


So basically, those are the things I’m going to write about. Hope you enjoy reading, AND, I will highly appreciate it if you guys will interact with me by sharing your thoughts on the comment section. I also highly appreciate those who shared my blogs on their own site and their personal social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

Thanks and may the force be with y’all!

With love and respect,

Ms. Rai

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