Friends with Benefits: A Point Well Taken

Ano na ba ang panahon ngayon? Sabi nila, modern times na raw ngayon. Lahat ng bagay madaling palitan. Kahit anong gadget, kapag nasira ay pwede na itapon at palitan, hindi na dapat ayusin.

Ganun na rin ba sa relasyon?

Kahit saan ka lumingon, maraming tao ang naghahanap ng true love – quote and quote. Sa sobrang dami nila, iilan lang ang nakakahanap noon. Ang iba, namamatay na lang ng hindi man lang nakakatikim ng “true love.” Maraming gusto ang makatagpo ng totoong magmamahal sa kanila, forever and ever AMEN, pero iilan lang ba ang gustong sumugal sa totoong relasyon?


Usong-uso ‘yan ngayon! Lalo na sa mga taong takot na matali sa relasyon, o mga taong ayaw talagang magkaron ng totoong relasyon.


Kasi nga ayaw naman talaga ng seryosong relasyon. At uulitin ko, ayaw naman talaga ng totoong relasyon. Hindi nga kasi seryoso, gusto lang makipaglaro at ayaw ng seryosong relasyon. Isa pa? Ayaw nga. Bakit ka nga naman kukuha ng karelasyon na high maintenance kung pwede ka naman magkaroon ng kaibigan na ibibigay sa’yo lahat, as in, lahat LAHAT! At oo dala na po dun ang sex life, at again, hindi kailangang pumapasok sa isang relasyon. Pwede kayong mag-astang sweet, kumakain sa labas, magkasamang namamasyal sa mall, tumagay kasama buong barkada, manuod ng sine, mag one to sawang alipin ng unlimited call and text para lang magsabihan ng I miss you, I love you, oh baby, oh baby, at kung anu-ano pang kaartehan sa mundo na pwedeng gawin ng mga taong feel na feel ang pagpapakilig pero HINDI KAYO OFFICIALLY MAG-ON!


Pwede ka sumama kahit kanino mo gusto. Ok lang na hindi ka mag text, hindi ka tumawag, hindi ka mag “hi” sa FB, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Viber, at kung anu-ano pa, at hindi kailangang magpaalam kung saan ka pupunta. At ok lang din na ganun ang gawin nya, basta kapag magkasama kayo, enjoy kayo. Pero kapag hindi na kayo magkasama, wala nang pakialaman, kahit lumandi pa sya sa iba. Basta wala kang karapatang magselos dahil ano ba naman kayo? Magkaibigan lang kayo at wala kang ibang lugar sa buhay nya kung hindi hanggang doon lang.


Maganda raw yang status na ‘yan kasi “no strings attached”. Walang commitment. Walang pakialamanan. Walang sisihan. Walang seryosohan.  Paano ‘yan kung tuluyan kang mahulog sa kanya? Aba, again, walang pakialamanan. Walang basagan ng trip. Wala ring dramahan. At kung sawa na kayo sa isa’t-isa, eh ‘di tapon nyo ang isa’t-isa, kasi nga naman modern times na ngayon. Hindi na uso ang inaayos ang mga bagay-bagay at lahat disposable na, kahit tao.

Anong nangyari kay TRUE LOVE? Waley!

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. Free for all ‘yan. Bahala ka if you will grab it kasi libre lang naman ‘yan eh. Pero kapag nagkasakitan na, again and again and AGAIN, walang sisihan.

Friendly reminder lang po!

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Just When Your Boss Stops Paying You

It’s never hard for me to take pride of being a single working mom.

Who would have thought that by the age of 28, I’ll be a virtual assistant / blogger / customer representative / financial advisor / entrepreneur / mom, all at the same time? No one, even me! So, as an individual, just imagine how I juggle my time from one role to another, just for me to be a good mom and a good dad, both at the same time.

But what would you do when one of your Boss’ stops paying you? Worse, he didn’t even inform you that he won’t pay you? How would you react? What would you do?

Just imagine those working hours that you allotted to fulfill your duties. Imagine those me-times and the supposed to be time for your kids that you gave up, just for you to work for that person. Yet, that effort wasn’t monetize. And you know what’s worse? You were not informed that you will never get paid!


A huge part of me is saying, YES! It would have been a time well spent to do other things that could have monetized by now. It would have been better if I have spent those times with my kids or my dog, or I could have blogged more than I did for the past few months, because those are the things I don’t mind doing even if I don’t get paid. I should have spent those times meeting other people who can help me in my future business ventures, instead of being stuck on my laptop doing things for a person who doesn’t even care what I’m doing.

Believe me, there’s a long list of my should haves, could haves, and would haves, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, but it all boils down to one thing… I’M STILL NOT PAID.

But should I continue with my remorse?


Life is beautiful to be forever stuck in a situation that is totally unwanted. Yes, it’s true that I have unpaid hours that could have been more productive if I used it differently and I might be enjoying the fruits of my labor by now. However, I am still thankful because this situation have taught me one thing: ALWAYS BE THE BIGGER PERSON IN ALL YOUR DEALINGS.

This situation taught me not to react negatively or not to act by impulse. I guess it’s normal to get pissed in this kind of situation. What’s not normal is not to get over it AND do some crazy destructive stuff against the Boss. Always be the bigger person by not giving in to the primitive survival instinct of human nature. Always be the bigger person by controlling your willingness to out burst in anger and frustration because of not getting the well-deserved compensation. Just think of it this way; sure you can curse him, hate him, shout at him, and do those crazy destructive activities towards him, but one reality still remains: “You’re still not getting paid!” So, why waste a ton of energy striving to get what you think you deserve and go for more productive activities and choose a more mature disposition in handling this kind of situation. Fighting for what you deserve is good. However, you should know when to let go. Think about it. How much where you trying to get for your unpaid hours? Is it worth going through the stress? If YES, go ahead and go get your boss in the head. If NO, just move on and be happy.

I’m still grateful for situations like this because it’s teaching me be the bigger person by keeping a grateful heart. I’m still thankful that before this happened to me, I had the initiative to get a different source of income aside from that job. If it’s the only source of income I have, then, that would be an entirely different story. One of the downsides of home-based jobs is the risks of not getting paid. But if you’re the bigger person in the picture, you’ve already anticipated this situation and should have worked on making the risks smaller by spreading the eggs to different baskets, if you know what I mean.

I’m grateful for this situation because it made me realize that once I’m already hiring people to work for me, I should never EVER be an inconsiderate Boss. I will put my business and all the persons involved in my priority list. As a Boss, I have the moral obligations and responsibilities to my employees which I have to uphold, to be able to continue touching the lives of the employees together with their families.

So, yes. In this situation, I choose to be the bigger person and move on. For me, this is the best option to choose because it’s a less stressful option. I’ll just let it pass me by. Anyway, God is not blind and He sees all our dealings. He has seen how much effort I’ve put in to my work for that person for more than a year. I believe I will get compensated in God’s time.

Curiosity over Yin Yoga: What is it all about?

Weeks ago I have never heard of the so-called Yin Yoga. I just encountered this term in our Yoga class when our instructor decided to change our practice from Ashtanga Yoga to Yin Yoga for one session (He planned to alter the practices). Ashtanga Yoga is really very tiring and for me, the transition from one pose or asanas to another  is quick enough for me to lose balance at times (since I’m a newbie).

My curiosity level got higher because I have no idea about it, and I got scared when our instructor told us that in Yin Yoga, we have to hold the asanas longer compared to Ashtanga asanas -and we’re talking about MINUTES here guys. Minutes!

So what is Yin Yoga all about?

Based on my experience, Yin Yoga is a bit slow-paced compared to Ashtanga. For Ashtanga, you only have to hold the asanas for 5 breathing and you have to switch to another asanas. As for Yin, it’s different because you have to hold the asanas for around 5 minutes or longer, I can’t really tell how long exactly because it’s our instructor who’s taking note of the time. For me, Yin Yoga is more relaxing than Ashtanga. I really find Ashtanga aggressive, especially for newbies like me.

Basically, Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues like the ligament and the tendons in the pelvic area, lower back, and the hips. According to our instructor, Yin Yoga strongly focuses in the middle part of the body. And because the time allotted for each pose is longer, it actually promotes good energy circulation, and the series of poses are designed to trigger the internal parts of body, such as the liver, kidney, etc. Yin Yoga also promotes patience to those who practice it because the time allotted for each pose is longer compared to other kinds of Yoga.

This kind of Yoga is also advisable to those who have very stiff muscles because it promotes flexibility. However, since this kind of Yoga is not as invigorating as the other practices, it is advisable to practice Yin Yoga in a warmer room temperature. Yin Yoga takes longer time to rise the body temperature, that’s why it’s best to be in a room with higher temperature.

And to take note:

This Yoga didn’t start in India. Where do you think it started? But of course, in CHINA! Where else?

Aside from those stuff, I don’t know anything else about Yin Yoga.

Well, Maybe I do know another thing… it made me fall asleep! 😛

Oh well… Namaste!