Forgive me if I can’t apprehend
I see you’re trying to reach me
Got to tell you this, but I’m off the hook
Can’t be here, so I will no longer be here
Won’t go down like a lead balloon
I’ll take swift strides through this isle
Don’t follow me ‘coz I have resolved

It took time to strengthen my backbone
Now steadfast and proud
No longer your shadow ‘coz I’m stepping out
Stepping up for me, myself, and I
You’re no longer required
Not clinging anymore so get out and stay out

Don’t pull me back, this is my last call
Trembling at the sound of getting on my feet
I opt to take the fall than lose myself for you
No adherence to you
Now that’s what I’m talking about
So step back and walk away
Along with your mask of mendacity
It’s crystal that I’m better
In your absence I am healthier than ever

No Air

Is it because I’m under your spell

That’s why my skin’s numb, though you have battered me enough

I struggle for myself as I push forward

You drag me back to the place where I was before

I push harder to find out, it is you who pulls me back again

I’m nailed with you and only you

No questions asked, I follow you blindly

I take every word, not a single complaint

I follow you blindly without a doubt

You suffocate me, Honey

But I liked it anyway

You mesmerized me with each word you utter

Without reservations, I move into you

No second thoughts, I came in closer with a bright face

Now it’s clear to see that I stepped in your quicksand

Can’t move away and I’m here with you, drowning yet I liked it anyway

When will I wake up and say everything will turn around for me

To face myself in the mirror and say “You’re beautiful and you’ll be fine”

My heart is tired and my soul is tattered

For once, let me get out of this to save myself and be myself again

Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 7

What if you have your very own, customized, tailor-fitted life manual made especially for you, by YOU!


Me too!

Can you imagine how fantastic that idea is? Thanks to Kara Gott Warner, I got a light bulb moment about this when I read the last principle of her 7-day journal challenge. Today is the last day, and I was so excited to read all about the principle for today. Basically it talks about creating a new habit. Since it’s the last day, I was already expecting that I’ll bring home something great and fruitful from Kara, and she didn’t fail me.

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So what’s my light bulb moment all about?

It’s about having your very own life manual. Kara is right. A lot of us here keeps on writing and writing and writing… but what do we do to them afterwards? What do we do to our notebooks, papers, blog sites, etc.? How many of us here get to review their write ups after a week, a month, or a year? Where’s the last diary or journal you’ve ever written on? Can you still find it? If you can’t find it, I don’t expect you to find your first diary or journal either. Get the idea?

So what am I pointing out? My friends, what’s the very reason why you’re keeping a journal, a diary, or a blog site? Is it just to express your thoughts and feelings? Do they only serve as emotional sponge? What happens after that? How many of us here gets the change to re-read our beautiful insights after it has been written or posted? If you believe that, what you’ve written is something meaningful, insightful, and worth reading, then why not read it AGAIN?

What we’re writing at this very moment is very crucial? Why? Because it is a figment of our own thoughts. It freshly came from our ideas. It’s raw. The ideas are creating new neuro-pathways (ooops that’s a big word) whenever we are imagining things or we are creating something new. Because of that, I believe those outputs need to be revisited to be rejuvenated again and be remembered of who we truly are. Besides, like what Kara said on the challenge:

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You’re the only one who knows who you are! The best advise you can get is can be provided by none other than the voice of your inner self (that is if you’re sane… if you get what I mean 😉 )

So my challenge for everyone who’s keeping a journal, a diary, or a blog site is; try to go back to the old pages and re-read what you’ve written in the past and see if you’ll have any new realizations from those outputs. I bet you’ll have one for sure. Write about those new realizations and share your new outputs if you want to. That way, we can all learn and relearn, and that will help us in the process of making ourselves a better person. But of course, we don’t only have to read and re-read our outputs; we also have to apply them. Remember,

Knowledge turned action is wisdom.

Create that habit of revisiting your work and relearn from it.

Have a pleasant weekend everyone!

With love and respect,

Ms. Rai