My Thoughts About The Alleged Thai Racist

I was scrolling on my Facebook news feed when I read an article about a Thai who was accused of being a racist because of his hateful posts against Filipinos. This is one of the hate post I saw in the article:


As I read the article, I learned that name of the alleged racist is Koko Narak, a 32-year old employee of Cognizant Philippines; a company known as a leading provider of consulting, information technology and business process services.

I’m not surprise that there is a foreigner bashing my people on Facebook because we can’t really please everybody. Also, I must admit that our reputation isn’t that really good nowadays due to recent political and social issues. But I was surprised that such hateful statement came from a person who has been living and working in the Philippines for three years. THREE YEARS!  With such hateful remarks, I can’t even imagine how he was able to live among us for that long. If he really hates our country, the he should have left a long time ago. If he really hates the Philippines, then he should have left the country or he should have notified his employer that he doesn’t want to be assigned in the Philippines.

I just don’t get it. I just don’t know where the hate is coming from. Was he hurt by a Filipino before? Was he discriminated at work? Was he treated badly at work? Why would he tag us Filipinos as stupid and how can he conclude that we are not suited to do admin works? Didn’t he realized that he’s working in a big company run by mostly Filipinos? I bet at least one of his supervisors is a Filipino. Should he tell his supervisor then that she/he deserve to be his supervisor because she/he is a Filipino? Those were the thoughts running in my mind while I was reading his comments.


Within the three years he spent in the Philippines, has he ever been sick? When he got sick, has he ever been in a hospital? Was he ever attended by a Pinoy doctor or nurse? Why say such harsh statement?


I really don’t get it. In three years of his stay here, has he ever thought of anything, even just one thing to be grateful for, for being here in the Philippines? In all his remarks, there’s no stain of gratefulness in his heart. He has never mention even just one thing that he can say good about this beautiful country. The country where he stayed for three years. THE COUNTRY WHERE HIS COMPANY IS. The country that has technically cradled him for three years.

But despite of all this, I can’t really say bad directly towards Koko Narak because I don’t really know him as a person. All I have are questions because I don’t really understand where he’s coming from.

I read in different social media sites some hateful comments from my people and other foreigners in response to Koko’s posts. What I realized is, hate begets hate. Filipinos are starting to hate Thais, Thais are starting to hate Filipinos… that shouldn’t be the case.

In my point of view, we should all stop this madness. Take a step back and view things objectively. What Koko did was wrong. He might have said hurtful things against Filipinos, but Filipinos shouldn’t bash Thai as a race. Yes, Koko is a Thai. Yes, Koko made some unsolicited hurtful remarks, but Koko’s remarks doesn’t represent the Thai people. My best friend is currently in Thailand. She’s a Pinay and she’s having a great time in Thailand and she loves Thai people and she said they’re very hospitable. So I think Thai people are also kind like us Filipinos.


When a person say bad things towards other people, that person doesn’t best represent his race or his family. He only best represents himself and only himself.

To my dear Filipino people,
Masakit man ang mga binitawang salita ni Koko laban sa atin hindi lang bilang isang lahi kundi bilang tao, my only appeal is, huwag po tayo bumaba sa kanyang level. Instead of bashing him and instead of humiliating him online, let’s be a bigger person na lang po mga kapatid. Let’s show him kindness and let’s forgive him because that’s what being a Filipino is all about. We should forgive him for whatever he did. Let’s be kind to the unkind because they are the ones who need it the most.

But my appeal to Cognizant Philippines is, I wish you will request to deport him if he continues to bash your own country. Some of your bosses are Filipinos, too. You can’t let this kind of person degrade you. You can’t let a person like this represent YOUR COMPANY. Yes, we understand that we can never please everybody. But, that doesn’t give Koko an excuse to degrade us.

I read an article wherein he said he’s sorry. I think he’s only sorry because Cognizant Philippines already reprimanded him because of his actions. That serves him right, but I hope his apology is sincere.

Forgiveness? Yes. We can forgive Koko. Lahat naman ng tao nagkakamali. But he should also face the consequence of what he did.

Our Native Tongue

Last week I started trying to write in our own dialect. I usually write in English language even if my grammar isn’t flawless. Let’s just say I’m quite used to it. Our country is surrounded by gazillion of foreign influences and there’s nowhere to go without them (nothing that I’m aware of) and there’s nothing else that we can do but to absorb and accept whatever our environment offers us. At the end of the day, we need to fit in to survive in this country that’s use to adapting what’s out there.

Filipinos are excellent in learning different cultures and adapting to them and later on, submerging in those cultures because, hey, that’s where we get an edge apart from anyone else, right? Media and our economy pushes us to be excellent especially in English language (and apparently masters of American culture) if we want to be on top of the game. Let’s say I am one of those people who have taken advantaged of knowing a bit about American pop cultures, etc.

I can say that I’ve succeeded in getting jobs and being able to relate with foreigners because of my knowledge of English language (again my grammar is not flawless and I hope people reading my stuff can understand what I mean and what I’m talking about), but there’s a part of me who wishes to go back to our native tongue and enjoy it’s beauty.

So, I started writing a story in Filipino. Surprise, surprise! It feels awkward but I’m enjoying every moment I’m writing in our native tongue. Writing in Filipino gives me chills and it’s scary, but it’s a good feeling. Yep! I know my adjectives are a bit contradicting right now, but it really feels that way.

Anyway, this is the Book 1 of my 1st ever story written in Filipino.

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Don’t worry. My works in Wattpad are not going to be plainly in Filipino. I will also write stories in English later on, but my priority as of now is to write in Filipino.

Oh, well!

That’s all for now, folks!