Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 7

What if you have your very own, customized, tailor-fitted life manual made especially for you, by YOU!


Me too!

Can you imagine how fantastic that idea is? Thanks to Kara Gott Warner, I got a light bulb moment about this when I read the last principle of her 7-day journal challenge. Today is the last day, and I was so excited to read all about the principle for today. Basically it talks about creating a new habit. Since it’s the last day, I was already expecting that I’ll bring home something great and fruitful from Kara, and she didn’t fail me.

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So what’s my light bulb moment all about?

It’s about having your very own life manual. Kara is right. A lot of us here keeps on writing and writing and writing… but what do we do to them afterwards? What do we do to our notebooks, papers, blog sites, etc.? How many of us here get to review their write ups after a week, a month, or a year? Where’s the last diary or journal you’ve ever written on? Can you still find it? If you can’t find it, I don’t expect you to find your first diary or journal either. Get the idea?

So what am I pointing out? My friends, what’s the very reason why you’re keeping a journal, a diary, or a blog site? Is it just to express your thoughts and feelings? Do they only serve as emotional sponge? What happens after that? How many of us here gets the change to re-read our beautiful insights after it has been written or posted? If you believe that, what you’ve written is something meaningful, insightful, and worth reading, then why not read it AGAIN?

What we’re writing at this very moment is very crucial? Why? Because it is a figment of our own thoughts. It freshly came from our ideas. It’s raw. The ideas are creating new neuro-pathways (ooops that’s a big word) whenever we are imagining things or we are creating something new. Because of that, I believe those outputs need to be revisited to be rejuvenated again and be remembered of who we truly are. Besides, like what Kara said on the challenge:

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You’re the only one who knows who you are! The best advise you can get is can be provided by none other than the voice of your inner self (that is if you’re sane… if you get what I mean 😉 )

So my challenge for everyone who’s keeping a journal, a diary, or a blog site is; try to go back to the old pages and re-read what you’ve written in the past and see if you’ll have any new realizations from those outputs. I bet you’ll have one for sure. Write about those new realizations and share your new outputs if you want to. That way, we can all learn and relearn, and that will help us in the process of making ourselves a better person. But of course, we don’t only have to read and re-read our outputs; we also have to apply them. Remember,

Knowledge turned action is wisdom.

Create that habit of revisiting your work and relearn from it.

Have a pleasant weekend everyone!

With love and respect,

Ms. Rai

Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 6

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Almost done! Woohoo!!! And our topic for today is… tah-dah!

Uhmm… Can we skip this part?

The challenge for today entails doing something we fear. Very challenging, huh? Let’s see.

Let me tell you a little secret. In all my articles and in my job, I know I may sound that I’m confident. Actually I’m not. In fact, I’m scared of people (although my work is always, ALWAYS related to customer service). I am too scared to approach people because, number one: I fear REJECTION! Rejection is such a big word for me because it can bruise my ego. I believe I’m not the only one suffering from this kind of fear.

Usually, I will let opportunity pass me by, especially if the job description includes ‘ME’ calling out to the clients or I’m the first one to approach the client. I know being a sales person is very rewarding, but if you will offer me that kind of job… hmmm… I think I’ll pass. Next job order please!


Recently, I received a great news from my manager. Finally, I’m a licensed Financial Advisor! Woohoo! Wait! So that means, I’ll start doing the field work. That means, I have to approach people. That means, people will start running away from me because they think I’m about to sell them something. That means, I will be treated like network marketers. That means, I will be rejected over, and over, and over, and over… time and time again. Wow! What a bunch of positive thoughts I got there!

I have so many things that I fear relating to this financial solutions career that I’m trying to pursue, due to different factors, which I will discuss on a separate blog in the near future. 😉 . I’ve seen it worked for other people and I wish for it to work for me as well, because it’s a noble profession that I can truly be proud of. For me, it’s not going to be job but a noble cause. Did I say noble?

BUT! To achieve success in that kind of career, there are a lot of work that needs to be done within ‘ME’. I have to polish my skills. I have to polish how I convey messages to other people, because I’m prone of being misinterpreted. Whew! I know. I know. It’s not something new. But it is what it is and I know I have to get rid of my fears. I just have to strengthen myself in every means and ways I can possibly do.

So what are my activities for today that will help me conquer my fear:

  1. I will go back to the list I created during our training (it’s a list of prospect clients within my circle)
  2. I will imagine encountering those people and meeting them face to face (yayks!)
  3. I will create my script (yes, script) so I won’t stutter or I will not lose control of my thoughts during presentation
  4. Schedule appointments with prospect clients
  5. Good luck to me!

Or maybe I can ask a friend to help me out… I think that may help.

Now I’m left with no other options but to go through the process. Deep breathing… relax! 🙂 Yes! I’m saying this with conviction while trembling! It’s time to act despite of fear.

I’m gonna do this! Go! Go! Go

Wish me luck guys! I’ll do these things today.

How about you? What are the things you fear that you would like to conquer today?

With love and respect,

Ms. Rai

Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 5

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Woohoo! The challenge is almost done. Thanks to Kara Gott Warner, her Create Something Every Day Challenge has been a great inspiration to me. The principle for today is one of my personal favorites because it allows me to create the things that I want starting from my thoughts.

What do I really want to have? What do I really want to achieve?

I strongly believe in the saying:

Thoughts are things.

That’s why I love thinking, writing, and visualizing everything I wanted to have in my life. I imagine my dream house and lot, my car, my dogs, my office in my own home, my kids’ own room, the clothes I wanted to have, etc. Then I visualize them, as if everything’s already existing. I see each picture in my mind and I get excited. My feelings are elevated to a whole new level and I will keep that feel-good feeling and wait for them to materialize work on them one by one.

Again, I believe we create our own reality, and I strongly believe that I will achieve everything that I wanted to achieve. I believe I can achieve them all, but not all at the same time. I will get there one step at a time, and I think that’s what makes my journey more meaningful and AWESOME! It’s exciting isn’t it?

How about you? How do you create your dream and your reality? How do you picture out the things you wanted to have and achieve?

With love and respect,

Ms. Rai