Wrong Send – Part 2

So, yah. I got an irritating, accusing text message from an anonymous wife a few days ago, that really made me feel bad for a few hours [ you can read the rest of the info in Wrong Send – Part I ].

Here’s why I felt bad about the freaking situation:

1. My family was ruined because of a “3rd wheel”. My marriage didn’t work out because of it. I’m not proud about what happened but I’m not hiding it. It is what it is, so I just have to suck it all in, get back on my feet and move on with my life.

2. A few years ago, I suffered from depression because my family got wrecked right after I gave birth and I felt like a total shit. It was a disaster.

3. Being in the position of having a wrecked family is not a good position at all. It’s the worst position EVER.

4. I know how it is; I know how it feels to lose somebody whom you offered your life to and promised to live the rest of your life with, because of a certain 3rd wheel.

5. I know how it is to be a mom to a fatherless kid who isn’t suppose to be fatherless in the first place.

Given these five reasons, why the hell would I allow myself to become a 3rd party in whomsoever marriage? Why would I do that to myself? And why would I do that to somebody else’s family. Again, I’ve been through a lot of shits, and man, I won’t allow myself to be in that position again, and I won’t and NEVER become a 3rd party to anybody else’s marriage. Woooh! I need some fresh air.

So again, I felt bad for being wrongly accused. But what exactly did I do? Did I get mad at the lady? Nope. I didn’t. Did I call her and shout at her to make my point. Nope. I didn’t do that. Did I scold her and embarrass her in any means and ways? Nope. I didn’t do that either.

What I did was:

1. I clarified whom the message was for. I told her that I’ve never been a 3rd party to anyone’s relationship and I told her that she’s barking at the wrong tree.

2. I informed her that yes, I have a boyfriend, but my boyfriend is and was never married to anyone, and he got zero kids as of now.

3. I told her that if she truly believes that I’m her husband’s other woman, we must probably meet somewhere so we can talk personally. I don’t like cat fights because it’s a total waste of time, but I’m willing to spend time to clear my name because I don’t want to be tagged as a 3rd wheel or a home wrecker because of the reasons I mentioned above.

4. I told her that like her, I also strongly believe in Karma, and I’m not afraid of it because my conscience is crystal clear, as far as her accusations are concerned.

5. I told my boyfriend about the lady who’s bad mouthing me, and he offered to clear things up. So he called her up and I decided to sleep. Yep. I preferred to sleep than to deal with it.

My boyfriend called the anonymous number a few times, but no one’s answering. Maybe she figured out that she got it all wrong. I don’t know. We have no idea why she wouldn’t answer her phone. I’m thinking that, if she’s so sure about her accusations and whatever she’s been texting me, she could have at least answered the phone.

I’m not sure what happened but, maybe the message was meant for somebody else. Well… that settles it. I hope she won’t text me again because it’s so damn stressful, even if we knew from the start that it’s all wrong.


Be careful in sending text messages. Make sure the message is sent to the right person. 😉