Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 1

I came across Kara Gott Warner’s webpage somewhere in Google+ earlier today. What attracted me to her website is her 7-day challenge for journal writers. Why was I attracted? Plainly because it’s a challenge and it looks exciting! I don’t know about you guys, but I am so into challenges because that’s my nature. I am very competitive at some point – not towards others but towards myself, most of the time – so I decided to take part on it.

This is the challenge for Day 1:

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Basically it’s telling the participants to start somewhere to have REAL RESULTS. It’s directly asking what is the “why” behind joining the challenge and what do the participants want to achieve by the end of 7 days.

I gave her question some thought and realized that the compelling reason why I wanted to join this is because, again, I LOVE CHALLENGES. I thought that joining this challenge will help me establish a certain writing pattern, or a habit, that will compel me to write each and every single day.

I’ve been writing blogs a few years back, but I stopped repeatedly, basically because I wasn’t fully committed to what I was doing. True, I love writing and reading, HOWEVER, do I have the compelling reason to write everyday? I don’t have one before, because if I did, I don’t think I could have stopped. I shouldn’t have stopped writing in the first place. Now is the right time for me to do again what I love, which is writing, and it’s time for me to create that habit again.

How will I keep that fire burning to produce worthwhile articles? I don’t know. But if I won’t start creating that habit now, when? If I won’t start sharing a piece of me to the world now, when? When will I start doing this? I just wanted to start writing without thinking about what topics I would write in the future, because damn, it will only give me a huge piece of blank sheet, and I think that’s the scary part in being a writer; not having anything to write about AT ALL. It feels like a dead end, and it’s no good.

I have a few topics in mind that I would love to write about, but the 7-day challenge will keep me on tract on what I wanted to do and what I wanted to achieve. I know there’s a gap somewhere that needs to be filled in, and I’ll do anything to fill in that gap.

For those who wanted to write something but can’t find a good topic to write about, this challenge is a good start. I’m telling you, it is a good start. One question can spark a lot of ideas that are worth writing, so you better start TODAY. Don’t wait for the perfect time to write because there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’, but there is such a thing as the ‘right’ time and the right time is NOW!

For starters, hope this one help. And to Kara, thanks for the inspiration. Cheers!

With love and respect,

Ms. Rai

Our Passion

Dedicated to Nong Ian

Once the music starts to play, I have this inclination to unconsciously close my eyes and deeply pay attention to its rhythm and harmony. When my eyes are closed, the musical score speaks to me more intimately than ever. The longer it is close, the further I allow music to reach my soul. As my eye sight slumbers, my ears are magnified and a new dimension welcomes me to be one with the spirit of the Greatest Composer of all time. With my ears unwrapped, I isolate the resonance of each instrument and appreciate how every note take its part in the totality of the composition.

Music is a divine tool inculcated among us.

It is embedded in our being which allows us to be in touch with others and have a spiritual journey with nature and with the Supreme Being. It is the language that the spirit has long been aware of since the time of creation. Given that the spirit is familiar with music; it has a direct influence in our body and in our soul that affects our disposition. It was carefully designed by God to reflect what words cannot duly express and it can fathom what intellect cannot comprehend; more like the mirror of the psyche and the heart.

Music is a gift from the Almighty that’s why it deserves reverence and adoration.

It is the best companion that we can have for it is able to truly understand and accept who we are as a person. It is a friend when nobody else is there to comfort, to give happiness, to inspire, and to give wisdom.

Music bridges the gap between the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown, that’s why when notes come together, harmony, will turn into a magical experience. As music passes through the ears, we get to taste one of His finest creations that we can enjoy and own. Once it gets inside our body it goes straight in our mind and sinks in to the heart. Once it is bonded with the heart, we also bond with God.

Music is powerful. It can destroy barriers, at the same time; create a relation between people from different walks of life. It is able of rebuilding the broken spirits, and it has the ability to shatter defenses. It can put a halt to what seems to be a never ending war. Together with time, it can heal wounds that could lead to acceptance, afterwards forgiveness.

Music is like a drug that you can’t get over with. It is like food and air that you can’t live without. It is our deliverance from life’s routine. It keeps us alive and appreciates our existence in this world. Music is love. It is passion. It is reverence. It is wisdom. It is pride and honor.  It is an art. It is culture. It is everything.Music is like blood being pumped in the heart that runs through the veins. It gives strength when the soul is weak. It gives life when the conscience is dead. It feeds the spirit when it is hungry. It comforts the heart when it is in sorrow or grieving.

Music is life and life is music.

[Originally posted on July 3, 2012]