Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 5

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Woohoo! The challenge is almost done. Thanks to Kara Gott Warner, her Create Something Every Day Challenge has been a great inspiration to me. The principle for today is one of my personal favorites because it allows me to create the things that I want starting from my thoughts.

What do I really want to have? What do I really want to achieve?

I strongly believe in the saying:

Thoughts are things.

That’s why I love thinking, writing, and visualizing everything I wanted to have in my life. I imagine my dream house and lot, my car, my dogs, my office in my own home, my kids’ own room, the clothes I wanted to have, etc. Then I visualize them, as if everything’s already existing. I see each picture in my mind and I get excited. My feelings are elevated to a whole new level and I will keep that feel-good feeling and wait for them to materialize work on them one by one.

Again, I believe we create our own reality, and I strongly believe that I will achieve everything that I wanted to achieve. I believe I can achieve them all, but not all at the same time. I will get there one step at a time, and I think that’s what makes my journey more meaningful and AWESOME! It’s exciting isn’t it?

How about you? How do you create your dream and your reality? How do you picture out the things you wanted to have and achieve?

With love and respect,

Ms. Rai

Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 4

Have you ever read an article or a blog that doesn’t make any sense to you? Forget about grammar and spelling. Have you ever read an article that leads you to nowhere? I have, and I don’t want my blogs to be anywhere near that. Why? Simply because my audience (if ever I have one) deserves something better.

When I write blogs, I see to it that I have a certain concept in mind and I’m not just throwing out words. I wanted to make sure that my readers (if ever I have one) can take home some of the thoughts I’m sharing. I don’t want my articles to be a source of hatred, ill-feeling, and ugly misinterpretations. I want my blogs to have at least a positive impact to other people’s lives.

Surely, I talk a lot. But before I speak, I see to it that my thoughts are grounded by facts, not gossips, or at least it’s grounded by first-hand experience. I don’t want my readers to become shock absorbers. They don’t deserve reading rants and receiving those negative vibes. As much as possible, I write materials that gives out positivism.

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I want to be a creator. That includes creating concepts that serve people; something where they can learn, and as much a possible, help them produce another concept that can serve them better and others who are following them. Again, I’m a strong believer of Law of Attraction, that’s why I choose to write more about positive things than having negative outputs. I may be writing some things that may not look good at first, but then again, every bad situation leads to something better ( that’s just my personal belief 😛 )

Anyway, That’s it for today.

With love and respect,

Your Pen Guardian

Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 3

Well, here goes nothing…

This is isn’t what I was suppose to write. Something came up yesterday and the news didn’t make me feel good in anyway. When I started writing for this task, it became more like a rant about my work instead of writing something fruitful and encouraging. I believe in the power of Law of Attraction, that’s why I’m eliminating thoughts and write ups that aren’t that favorable to me or to my readers.


So there goes my inner wisdom.

My inner self continues to whisper encouragements and it’s pulling me back to positivism, despite of what’s going on. I believe we create our own reality, that’s why I choose to think about being fruitful than being a source of hatred, rants, confusions, all rolled into one.

I’m not very good in trusting my inner self, that’s why when things happen, it always ends up telling me ‘I told you so’ which is not good. I’m trying to build that trust with my inner self so that I can be more in touch with my inner wisdom. I believe all of us are capable of having that access to the wisdom of the world that’s subtly teaching us what to do, to make us a better being.

In everything that’s happening to me, all I can do is to catch my thoughts and decipher if my thoughts can do me good or not. If in case I catch myself thinking about thoughts that are no good to me, I will do my best to rephrase it and convert that negative program to a positive one. For example, I have a few bucks on my wallet and it’s making me feel that it’s less than enough for us to go through the whole week, then I catch myself thinking ‘I have no money’. How will I convert that thought? Here’s how:

Rather than saying ‘I have no money’, I will say ‘I have money right now and I will definitely get more than enough soon.’ That thought will make me feel better, because my thought is tapping on abundance rather than tapping on the lack of. I just have to believe that there are a lot of ways that can make my situation better. I have to believe my inner wisdom that’s telling me that I can go through everything as long as I have faith in myself.

How about you? Are you listening to your inner wisdom, too? Tell me about it.