Feeling the warmth of your embrace as I hear your breath whispering in my ear

Here under the sheets with you, feeling so comfortable and safe

Glaring at the window as dawn starts to break

My heart goes triple, wishing so hard that time will still

Push back the sun, how I wish I can

“Stop the ticking of the clock” that’s what my heart and mind shouts aloud

Yes, we shared the night together but I didn’t have enough of you

No, I want more of you and that’s what I’m crying for

Time hits 5 and the pain starts to build up and it feels like I’m about to lose

Like Cinderella watching out for 12 midnight,

My time is almost up and the thought of it kills me

How I wanted to feel you some more

No, I don’t want an hour

Let it be for a life time or even more than that

Your embrace tightens even more as if you will never let go

You made my eyes drown and tears flow like a river as I press my face on your arm

You’re blowing my mind as you gently kiss me

Makes my heart pound even more than what it can take and it makes me beg for more of you

Here comes the inevitable sun, telling us that we must now go on our separate ways

I was wishing so hard for it to never come, but it did anyway

Wish we can stay here in our little world a little longer and feel each other for the last time

Time is so cruel for it will never permit

Now who could deny that we wanted more than this?

Who could deny that we are more than this?


We lay under these sheets so warm and cozy
No, it will not be the same tomorrow
For tomorrow, you will be gone
I have an hour and a half to feel you
An hour and a half to say “I love you”
But can I ever do that?
No, I’ll never do that
For all we know, you are not mine
For all we know, I am not yours
No, there is no such thing as “us”
No there is no “us”
You embrace me as if you own the world
Yes, I felt the warmth you wanted to share with me
But tomorrow, this will be gone
And I have an hour and a half to face you
An hour and a half to say I want more than this
But must I really do that?
No, I can’t do that
Because we know, you are not mine
Because we know, I am not yours
No, there is no such thing as happy ending
No, we haven’t even started anything
Yes, there is nothing. No, there is nothing between us.
Is there really nothing? No, there is nothing between us.
Must we not try to do something? Let’s do something for both of us.
Well, I guess there is really nothing between us.

No Air

Is it because I’m under your spell

That’s why my skin’s numb, though you have battered me enough

I struggle for myself as I push forward

You drag me back to the place where I was before

I push harder to find out, it is you who pulls me back again

I’m nailed with you and only you

No questions asked, I follow you blindly

I take every word, not a single complaint

I follow you blindly without a doubt

You suffocate me, Honey

But I liked it anyway

You mesmerized me with each word you utter

Without reservations, I move into you

No second thoughts, I came in closer with a bright face

Now it’s clear to see that I stepped in your quicksand

Can’t move away and I’m here with you, drowning yet I liked it anyway

When will I wake up and say everything will turn around for me

To face myself in the mirror and say “You’re beautiful and you’ll be fine”

My heart is tired and my soul is tattered

For once, let me get out of this to save myself and be myself again